February March 2021 Issue

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Idaho's Silent City of Rocks
© Gestalt Imagery, Bigstock.com
Idaho’s Silent City of Rocks - Idaho's City of Rocks National Reserve Showcases some of the oldest exposed rocks west of the Mississippi River.
Idaho Celebrates Women
Photo courtesy Boise City Dept. of Arts & History
Taking the Lead: Idaho celebrates women’s suffrage, other milestones - March is the month for honoring women in history, and Idaho celebrates women, historically leading the charge in women's suffrage.
Laura Sable and Bill Wiemuth standing on a boat in Alaska. They offer virtual cruises.
Photo courtesy Bill Wiemuth and Laura Sable
Charting Their Own Course: Couple Creates Virtual Cruises - Sidelined by the pandemic, yet with songs to sing and stories to tell, this couple created an innovative experience with virtual cruises.
Senior man connecting with his family through a Zoom video conferencing app on his laptop
© yalcin.sonat, Bigstock.com.
Zoom In: Keeping In Touch with Video Conferencing - People rely on Zoom video conferencing to stay connected with like-minded groups—for quiz get-togethers, music rehearsals, classes, and more.
Photo of golf ball in winter
© morrbyte, Bigstock.com
Feed Your Addiction to Golf in the Off Season - I’ve been denying my true addiction to golf for many years, but, as I grow older, it seems to be coming to light.
Robin Pewtress Genealogy expert in Idaho
Photo courtesy Robin Pewtress
Robin Pewtress: Delving Into Genealogy - When we embark on learning about our family histories, we are researching our genealogy—the process of seeking out ancestors and relatives.
photo of Lunar New Year recipe: Honey Pork Dumplings
Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
Classic Dish for Celebrating Lunar New Year: Pork Dumplings - Food is an integral part of many celebrations around the world. Try out this Lunar New Year recipe to kick off this season's festivities.
Steelhead close-up floating under aquamarine water background
© iknikpo, Bigstock.com
Steelhead: A Fish for Fanatics - Steelhead anglers cast all day in frigid temperatures to MAYBE catch one fish, thinking it's worth it, frozen extremities notwithstanding.
Bob Hunt, Publisher Montana Senior News/Idaho Senior Independent
Letter from the Publisher: Tell Your Story - Tell your story to your family, your caregivers, and the young. You have the ability to influence the next generations ahead of you.
Ray Stockton, 47-years volunteering at the Minidoka County Historical Society Museum in near Rupert, Idaho.
Donations Dazzle Longtime Museum Volunteer Ray Stockton - Donations of priceless family heirlooms become dazzling museum displays, thanks to 47-year volunteer Ray Stockton of Rupert, Idaho.
Haskap Berries—the superfood that's easy to grow
Photo courtesy Legacy Farms, Sandpoint, Idaho
Haskap Berries: Flavorful Superfood - Easy to grow, nutrient-dense haskap berries resemble squashed blueberries and taste like a cross between a blueberry and huckleberry.
Holly Seefried Knitting
Photo by Dianna Troyer
Holly Seefried: Three Generations to Knit A Sweater - Holly Seefried jokes her late grandmother’s nudging across time compelled her to finish a half-century knitting project.
Making connections online
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Making Connections Online - Missing in-person contacts? Try making connections online, with internet communities available for just about every interest or hobby.
Frank Eld (Harkonen) Idaho Barn Whisperer
Photo by Ken Levy
Barn Whisperer: Frank Eld-Harkonen Brings Historic Buildings to Life - Historian and preservationist Frank Eld-Harkonen is a Finnish log construction expert restoring old barns and homes in Idaho and elsewhere.