April May 2021 Issue

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photo of Deborah Goslin sitting by a river in winter, absorbing sunlight with her eyes closed.
Photo by Nann Parrett
Deborah Goslin, Forest Bathing Guide - Forest bathing guide Deborah Goslin will not take you to soak in a woodland pool. Instead, she'll help you soak up the quietude of nature.
Quinton's Quarantine coloring book — illustration of a boy wearing glasses with hands on hips and a cat.
Quinton’s Quarantine Coloring Book - Two southern Idaho women create Quinton's Quarantine coloring book—a creative outlet and to help educate and entertain others.
Close-cropped image of a garlic & tomato quiche
Photo by Steve Heikkila
History of Quiche: French? German? It’s Complicated - Custard is good. Pie is good. Custard pie? Custard pie is quiche, and quiche is really good. Here's what to know about the history of quiche.
Photo of Sandra Marlowe, jazz musician
Photo courtesy Sandra Marlowe
April is Jazz Appreciation Month! - JAM is the acronym for April’s Jazz Appreciation Month, and Sandra Marlowe of North Idaho shows JAMming is key to understanding jazz.
photo of two chantrelle mushrooms in the woods
© weinkoetz, Bigstock.com
Fabulous Fungi: Spring Treasure & Autumn Gold - In spring, as the snow melts, days grow longer, and the sun warms the earth, fruiting bodies of fungi begin to appear.
Photo of orange cat sitting on a robotic vaccum
© Sharomka, Bigstock.com.
Is it Rumba or Zumba? No, it’s Roomba! - Rumba to the front. Zumba to the left. Or Roomba around the living room. When we want to vacuum, we will most definitely decide on Roomba.
photo of senior man launching racing pigeons
Photo by Misa Smetana
Headed Home: Racing Pigeons Find a Place in Handlers’ Hearts - As if to say, “Pick me, pick me,” racing pigeons coo and flutter around their loft while handlers select birds for an upcoming race.
Photo of a senior women getting a vaccine shot
© Rido81, Bigstock.com.
Idaho’s Vaccine Rollout Challenges - Idaho’s vaccine rollout—including haphazard and unenforced mask mandates and a lack of consistent testing—has not been without challenges.
Bob Hunt, Publisher Montana Senior News/Idaho Senior Independent
Letter from the Publisher: The Silver Tsunami is Coming - After a year of isolation, our readers are planning their big escape into the world! Businesses are bracing for a silver tsunami.