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Photo illustration of a paper-cutout person standing under a paper-cutout umbrella. Caption reads "Affordable Care Act."
© zimmytws, Bigstock.com
Find Health Insurance After Job Loss - Suddenly find yourself out of work? You can find health insurance coverage while you’re looking for new employment or waiting for Medicare.
Photo of a planter of growing dill, with scissors laying next to it, along with a bowl of clipped dill.
© serchel74, Bigstock.com
Dill Is Good for You - Anethum graveolens, commonly called dill, is good for you. it has been used for eons because it has incredible health benefits for your intestinal tract.
Photo of a senior man taking his own blood pressure
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Buy the Best Blood Pressure Monitor for You - Keep tabs on your blood pressure in a comfortable setting with a blood pressure monitor. It ensures medication works and alerts you to arising health problems.
Photo of a man kneeling in a river, holding a freshly caught spring chinook
© SnapTPhotography, Bigstock.com
Spring Chinook Season: A Good Year for Salmon - Spring chinook season starts in April — when anglers watch salmon counts as fish leap over Lower Granite Dam. This spring could be a good year for salmon.
Photo of a patch that reads War is not healthy for children and other living things Letter from the Publisher: Keep the Peace - We elders need to remind our young how awful the realty of war is. We need to lead them through peaceful tactics. Hopefully peace will be possible.
Idaho writers in residence Idaho Writers in Residence Keeping Poetry Alive - The first Idaho Poet Laureate (later called Writer in Residence) was Irene Grissom, who was appointed in 1923 by the governor.
photo of an elderly person's eye, symbolizing it's never too late to make an organ donation
© CL-Medien, Bigstock.com
Never too Old for an Organ Donation: April National Donate Life Month - April is National Donate Life month, raising awareness of the importance of tissue, eye, and organ donation. 
pozole recipe: Photo of pozole next to its ingredients
Photo by Steve Heikkila
Pozole Rojo and the Magic of Nixtamal - Pozole consists mainly of a broth containing chicken or pork, hominy, and dried (pozole rojo) or fresh (pozole verde) chilies
Schreiner's Iris Gardens
Photo by Suzanne Waring
Passionate About Flowers? Explore Schreiner’s Iris Gardens - I had heard about the Schreiner's Iris Gardens, but what I'd visualized was trifling, compared to actually seeing them in all of their blooming glory. 
photo of a glamping dome tent
Photo courtesy Twin Cedars Camping and Vacation Rentals
Try Glamping, a Luxurious Alternative to Sleeping on the Ground - Do you consider your camping days far behind you? Glamping, or glamorous camping, may be the ideal solution for seniors yearning for the great outdoors. 
Photo of sky surfing specialist John Kangas.
Sky Surfing - Sky surfing is popular at King Mountain in Idaho and Mount Sentinel in Montana. Mount Sentinel is the oldest registered inland hang gliding site in the US.
Long-haul sweethearts Gene and Ardena Snapp, married 72 years
72 Valentines for Long-Haul Sweethearts - Long-haul sweethearts Gene and Ardena Snapp give each other the gift of time this Valentines Day — 72 years, to be exact.
Creative studios at the makerspace, called the MOP shop, in Helena, Mont.
Makerspaces: Where People Create - Creativity might be free, but making stuff isn’t — a bummer for creative individuals lacking funds. That's where makerspaces come in.
Illustrated cover from the 1930s Montana WPA Guidebook
WPA Guide Books - In their heyday, the WPA Guide Books were popular to take on countryside tours. Perhaps it is time to dust them off for touring your state.