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    ISI 142 - Eyeing Iceland
    Photo by Natalie Bartley
    Eyeing Iceland - Iceland is known for its natural beauty and has plenty of space to absorb curious travelers. Now is the good time to plan an Iceland vacation, with Icelandair allowing a free stopover for up to seven nights for flights across the Atlantic Ocean.
    ISI 142 - Runnning Wild
    Photo by Natalie Bartley
    Running Wild: Getting Started in Running after 50 - Running is an invigorating exercise that isn’t just for the young. Mary Graeff is still going strong at age 76, training for long-distance races this year. “I am thankful I can do it,” she said.
    ISI 142 - Brain Awareness Month
    Photo courtesy of the Alzheimer's Association
    June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month - The impact of Alzheimer's is profoundly felt throughout the state. Currently in Idaho, about 25,000 people are living with Alzheimer’s with an estimated 5.7 million across the country. The Alzheimer’s Association® urges individuals throughout Idaho to get involved and raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.
    ISI 142 - Is Your Blood Pressure Too High?
    Photo © Jacob Lund,
    Is Your Blood Pressure Too High? - If you’re unsure what your blood pressure levels should be, you’re not alone. Recent changes in the hypertension guidelines made by the American Heart Association and the American College Cardiology mean that roughly 30 million more Americans than previously thought are now considered to have high blood pressure (hypertension). According to the new guidelines, anyone with a blood pressure reading above 130/80 is considered to have high blood pressure.
    ISI 142 - Clean Your Credit Report
    Photo © De Visu,
    Clean Your Credit Report - It’s time for the annual ritual of deep cleaning, dusting, mopping, organizing—and checking your credit report.
    Monastery St. Gertrude
    Photo by Mary Terra-Burns
    Choose Kindness: The Monastery of St. Gertrude - Like ice cream melting on a hot day, you can feel stress and tension melting away as you walk the grounds of the Monastery of St Gertrude. The Monastery has been a presence on the Camas Prairie for over 100 years.
    Idaho's Nez Perce Reservation
    Photo by Jack McNeel
    Idaho’s Nez Perce Reservation - The Nez Perce Tribe is likely the best recognized of Idaho’s tribes. Their close association with the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805 on their western journey and again on their return eastward in 1806 made the tribe’s name recognizable across the country.
    ISI 142 - Fly Fishing: It's All About Food, Rest, and Sex
    Photo © GraphicPhoto,
    Fly Fishing: It’s All About Food, Rest, and Sex - Despite what some fly fishermen would have you believe, successful fishing boils down to three things: what fish eat, where they hide out, and what their activity is at a specific time of year.
    ISI 142 - Lady Madonna, The Beatles 1968
    Lady Madonna: The Beatles, May 1968 - From their earliest days of international stardom, the Fab Four never failed to acknowledge the early influences of America’s greatest rock pioneers—Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Little Richard, Buddy Holly. However, one of the recording superstars often overlooked during interviews was Antoine “Fats” Domino.
    ISI 142 - Merillee Rush & the Turnabouts: Angel of the Morning
    Merilee Rush & the Turnabouts: Angel of the Morning - In 1968, songwriter Chip Taylor received a phone call from Seattle, saying Merilee Rush and the Turnabouts had cut his song "Angel in the Morning." Rush’s disc went Top Five in Seattle then spread rapidly across the country.
    ISI 142 - Sipping Summer Wines
    Photo by Holly Endersby
    Sipping Summer Wines - Now that the warm days and long twilights of summer are here, we can relax with a wonderful glass of wine on the deck or patio. This is also the time to relax the rule on room temperature reds and enjoy the cooling pleasure of lightly chilled ones, along with some delightfully refreshing whites and rosé.
    ISI 142 - Time to Go Native!
    One of the best ways to have a hardy, disease-resistant garden that is willing to grow in a dry climate is to use native plants. Currant bushes are really beautiful native plants for Idaho gardeners. Photo © Sergey Siberia88,
    Time to Go Native! - Much of Idaho has a dry climate, so gardeners often look to drought-resistant plants to form the backbone of their landscaping. One of the best ways to have a garden that is hardy, disease resistant, and willing to grow in a dry climate is to use native plants.
    ISI 142 - Simple Video Calling Devices for Technically Challenged Seniors
    Simple Video Calling Devices for Tech-Challenged Seniors - Video chatting is a great way to stay connected and keep tabs on an elder parent when you can’t be there. Various products on the market today offer simple video calling for seniors who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with technology.
    ISI 142 - What's SUP, Folks
    © PixelsAway,
    What’s SUP, Folks? - Stand-Up Paddle boarding is great for seniors because it’s easy on the joints and works your core muscles and back as well as your arms and legs
    ISI 142 - Senior Cats 'Purrfer' Mature Households
    © Budabar,
    Senior Cats “Purrfer” Mature Households - Senior kitties are often overlooked at adoption centers and may find themselves housed in shelters for months at a time. Mature pet people will quickly form a close bond with an older, wiser kitty that offers laser-focused attention and devotion.
    ISI 142 - Lewis & Clark July 4 Fiddle Fest
    © Chuck Overton,
    Lewis & Clark: Oh Say Can You See…A Fiddle Tune - Fiddle music has become a central element in Fourth of July celebrations across the U.S. We can thank early advocates like Lewis & Clark, with their impromptu, July Fourth fiddle fest in 1805 on the banks of the Missouri River.
    ISI 142 - Boise Baby Boomers
    Photo courtesy of the Boise Baby Boomers
    Boise Baby Boomers Meetup to Celebrate the Active Life - Whoever thinks aging and social isolation go hand in hand has not met any of the 3,363 members of the Boise Baby Boomers, an online meetup group of mature adults who thrive on a variety of activities that keep its members fun, fit, and social.
    ISI 142 - Origami Artist Roy Abo
    Photo by Dianna Troyer
    Origami Artist Roy Abo: Generous Master of Time and Patience - Roy Abo, 92, hopes his origami umbrellas are listed in the Guinness World Records one day. He has made thousands of them—4,654 to be exact.