August September 2020 Issue

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Urban Chickens
Here Chick, Chick, Chick — The Urban Chicken Craze - Some urban chickens seem like stand-up comedians. But there's a serious side to the popular trend of tending to a fluffy flock in town.
Last Casts and Stolen Days
Last Cast and Purloined Days - I hope there are more purloined days with a rod in my hand before I make that final, inevitable, last cast.
Beatles let it Be
Let It Be: Heads up from The Beatles - “Let It Be” offered a “heads up” message for Beatles fans worldwide: The group is breaking up, and nothing can stop its eventual demise.
Book Review Idaho
Book Review: Idaho, by Emily Ruskovich - "Idaho" by Emily Ruskovich is a haunting story rooted in a terrible tragedy, which dramatically changes the course of several lives.
Walking to Cope with Isolation
To Thine Own Self Be True While Coping with Social Isolation - William Shakespeare’s famous line “To thine own self be true” comes to mind while I'm coping with social isolation during the pandemic.
Silent Symphony
Silent Symphony of the Heart - These youth are the future. They'll carry the torch forward with their silent symphony. I do my best to make sure the light shines bright.
Celebrating Hispanic Americans
Celebrating Hispanic Americans, Mexican Culture Sept. 15-Oct.15 - By Carrie Scozzaro Bill Contreraz was really looking forward to the annual Mexican Fiesta in his native Billings this year. “One of the big things about the Fiesta is it’s… Read More »Celebrating Hispanic Americans, Mexican Culture Sept. 15-Oct.15
Early Printing Press
Civilizing the West with Printing Presses - The arrival of the first printing press in frontier territory marked the moment that the region passed into “civilization.”
Greg Gresham Artwork
Greg Gresham: Accidental Metal Artist - Greg Gresham is always on the lookout for old tools to incorporate into his sculptures, and friends help him find these treasures.
Holistic Wellness
Holistic Health and Well-Being, Right for You? - Growing numbers are embracing holistic health and well-being practices. Still, many skeptics prefer traditional western medicine.
Avoid Single Use Plastic
Avoid Single-Use Plastic - Plastic microparticles have been found in the Gallatin, the Montana's pristine river that flows through some of the most beautiful terrain.
Peace in the Panhandle
Finding Peace in the Panhandle - Sandpoint, Idaho, has a legacy of peace worth mentioning in light of the 94th anniversary of International Peace Month.
Doodle Artist Florence Paxton
Sad to say farewell to Doodle creator, Florence Paxton - Sad to say farewell to Doodle creator, Florence Paxton. Florence Lucille Chadez Paxton, 94, of Homedale, Idaho, passed away peacefully at home at sunset on July 6, 2020. Florence was… Read More »Sad to say farewell to Doodle creator, Florence Paxton
Idaho War Hero Ed Freeman
Remembering Captain Ed Freeman: Idaho’s Vietnam War Hero - Captain Ed Freeman was a war hero: A soldier who risked his life under extremely dangerous conditions in order to save others.
Leg Extensions
Brilliant Aging provides healthy aging resources and consulting. Visit
Support Independence and Resilience with Leg Extensions - Leg strength is key to maintaining your independence. You can improve your lower body strength with this simple leg exercise.
Backyard Birding with Bird Blind
© As Soon As,
Backyard Birding for Hours of Fun - Using a simple backyard birdblind will provide hours of wonderful birding and probably some awesome photos as well.
Rock-And-Roll Hall of Fame
© SeanPavonePhoto,
Rock’n & Roll’n … Again! - A delightful and exciting experience worth any distance of flying, hitch hiking, riding a bike, or driving to get there.
Book review of Stalking Midas by Debbie Burke
Book Review: Stalking Midas, by Debbie Burke - Debbie Burke’s novel has all the earmarks of a thriller. It's well-crafted with a plot that ratchets up the suspense.
Idaho Food Hall 2nd South Market in Twin Falls
Idaho’s First Food Hall - The 2nd South Market in Twin Falls is a food hall with Large open seating that will allow for ‘natural distancing’
Hypertension Exercise
© Dan Morgan12,
Can I Safely Exercise with Hypertension? - You definitely need to exercise with hypertension. Exercise on a regular basis will help to keep you healthy overall.
Opioid Crisis Part 3
© Wollertz,
SENIORS IN PAIN: FALLOUT FROM THE OPIOID CRISIS PART 3 - Legislators appear to assume all people on prescribed narcotics are abusers and must be treated like addicts.
Dormon Olson Mini Tractors
Dorman Olson’s Prize-Winning Replicas Keep Farm Memories Alive - Dormon Olson has built replicas of toy tractors and other ag equipment for himself and farm toy collectors worldwide.
Coaster Cycles
Cargo Bikes to Face Shields: Shifting Gears for Survival - After COVID layoffs, Coaster Cycles brought back employees, retooled the cargo bike plant, and now they make 50,000 face shields a day.
For the Love of Squirrels
© Dark Side,
For the Love of Squirrels - I can’t keep cows anymore, and this place is not a good place for a dog, but the squirrels fill that place in my heart.
National French Fry Day July 13
© Aleksandr Stennikov,
Enjoy National French Fry Day - One of the most popular foods in the United States has its own special day: July 13 is National French Fry Day.
Treehouse for Kids Too
© Soupstock,
Treehouse: The Kids Can Use It, Too. - I did not build my little crows' nest treehouse for my grandchildren or the neighborhood kids, but they can use it too.
Fly Fisherman Joe Roope
Joe Roope’s Lifelong Career Built Around Fly Fishing - Joe Roope tied his first fly as a grade school student, and he had no idea it would lead to a life-long career.
Idaho Black History Museum
Unique History Museum Tells Story of Idaho’s Black Community - Since opening in 1999, the Idaho Black History Museum has recounted the state’s black history from the early 1800s to modern times.
Russell Rowland Road to Sobriety
Photo by Lauren Brown.
Following Dad Down the Road to Sobriety - “Dad? He’s not an alcoholic!” The fact that I would make such a claim says a lot about how ignorant we were as a family about alcoholism.
Charitable Road Trips
Zarybniskys Revved Up for Charitable Road Trips - Retirees Jack and Mary Zarybnisky pack their sense of adventure and fill their vehicle with items to give away.