Try Nordic Skiing Techniques

Nordic skiing provides outdoor exercise for improving balance and strength. It’s a low-impact aerobic workout in crisp, snow-covered settings.

Pickled over Pickleball

An unexpected impact of the pandemic has found seniors, who are often associated with shuffleboard & bingo, getting physical with pickleball.

Makerspaces: Where People Create

Creativity might be free, but making stuff isn’t — a bummer for creative individuals lacking funds. That’s where makerspaces come in.

Addicted to Golf: Man, It’s Hot Out!

There’s an old country song that says “too hot to golf…too cold at home!” I relish each opportunity to golf—some days it’s pretty darn hot. 

The Hole Truth about Cornhole

“The neighborhood is having a get-together, a chance to meet new people.” / “Okay, I’m in.” / “It’s a cornhole contest.” / “Okay, I’m out.”