Movie Review: Knives Out

Legendary actor Christopher Plummer plays an 85-year-old mystery novelist who dispenses with his vast fortune in a most intriguing manner.

Book Review: Working the Wilderness

“Working the Wilderness” brilliantly tells about the people working in the Selway-Bitterroot country before and after wilderness designation.

Book Review: Mindfulness & Grief

Stang weaves stories of people who’ve experienced loss and grief and who have benefited from practicing mindfulness with guided meditations.

Octogenarian Musician Releases First CD

Sometimes, the most wonderful recordings are unrehearsed, spontaneous, and improvised. That’s the case with John Thomsen’s new release.

April Fools’ Bull

I have a reputation for being a very honest person, but one day a year I have fun playing April Fools jokes.

Movie Review: Apollo 11

Apollo 11 will rekindle your faith in American ingenuity and the possibilities of our country working together again.

Where the Crawdad Sings

Delia Owens of North Idaho wrote her first novel in her 60s.“It was liike starting a second career on the 99-yard line.”