Living with Moose in Sandpoint, ID
Photo by Cate Huisman

Living with Moose: Adopting a Tulip-Free Lifestyle

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When we bought our house in Sandpoint, Idaho in 2002, there were no moose, and there were a lot of tulips. People who lived outside of town had to build fences to protect their gardens, but not us. We had bugs and slugs. That was it. Moose lived out in the woods where moose belonged, and we rarely spotted them. That changed one snowy morning.

Poet Roger Dunsmore
Roger Dunsmore of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho just released a compilation of poems, On the Chinese Wall: New and Selected Poemes (1966-2017). Drumlummon Institute Press, 2018.

The Secret to A Long Life: Roger Dunsmore on Poetry

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Forget eating healthy, exercise, and whatever else the doctors say about how to hang on to your youth. I’m here to reveal the real secret to vitality and how to keep your youthful vigor: Poetry. Well, in any case, poetry seems to have worked for Roger Dunsmore, 80, of Coeur d’Alene. He looks like he’s in his 60s. 

Christmas Unwrapped: Ellen Travolta Unwraps Stories from the Past

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What Ellen Travolta wanted for the holidays were stories about other people’s toys: one they got, didn’t get, or gave. To get her wish, she put together 14 of stories in her holiday production, “Christmas Unwrapped,” a cabaret-style production hosted by the Coeur d’Alene Resort.

Lady Long Rider Bernice Ende

Lady Long Rider: Alone Across the Globe

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Thirteen years ago, at age 50, Trego, Mont., ballet teacher and horse trainer Bernice Ende began her life as a long rider. That year she rode 2,000 miles on horseback from Montana to New Mexico. In the following 12 years, she rode another 27,000 miles on horseback.

Cliff Warren, grower of giant pumpkins

Potent Pumpkin Power & Thanksgiving Tradition

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For entertainment, Cliff Warren eavesdropped on fairgoers as they admired, gaped, and grinned at his 692-pound, blue ribbon pumpkin during the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot in September.