Christmas Unwrapped: Ellen Travolta Unwraps Stories from the Past

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What Ellen Travolta wanted for the holidays were stories about other people’s toys: one they got, didn’t get, or gave. To get her wish, she put together 14 of stories in her holiday production, “Christmas Unwrapped,” a cabaret-style production hosted by the Coeur d’Alene Resort.

Lady Long Rider Bernice Ende

Lady Long Rider: Alone Across the Globe

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Thirteen years ago, at age 50, Trego, Mont., ballet teacher and horse trainer Bernice Ende began her life as a long rider. That year she rode 2,000 miles on horseback from Montana to New Mexico. In the following 12 years, she rode another 27,000 miles on horseback.

Cliff Warren, grower of giant pumpkins

Potent Pumpkin Power & Thanksgiving Tradition

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For entertainment, Cliff Warren eavesdropped on fairgoers as they admired, gaped, and grinned at his 692-pound, blue ribbon pumpkin during the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot in September.

Mini-Joys: small therapy horses

Little Horses: Great Big Love

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They may be itty bitty, but the joy and hope they bring to children, teens, and seniors is enormous. A team of three miniature horses and one mini donkey serves as healers in animal-assisted therapy programs and as friends in animal-assisted activity programs around Idaho’s Treasure Valley.

Tips for first-time snowbirds

Five Tips for First-Time Snowbirds

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We did plenty of things right for first-timers. But we also did plenty wrong. No matter, we acquired useful lessons along the way that other potential snowbirds might benefit from. For anyone pondering a southern migration for the first time, these five tips may prove helpful.