Center of the Universe: Wallace, Idaho

If scientists could not prove Wallace, Idaho is NOT the center of the universe, then the absence of such proof confirms that it is.

Marcus Kelly: Model Train Maestro

For Marcus Kelly, hearing rumbling and chugging trains whisks him back to his childhood home in southeastern Idaho.

Paving the Way with Solar Roadways

Change the world? Why Not? Scott and Julie Brusaw of Sandpoint have big plans — to replace concrete and asphalt with glass solar panels.

Humor Helps Drift-Busting Snowplow Drivers

February is the favorite month for snowplow drivers of Minidoka County. “That’s when we start our countdown to the end of winter.”

Let’s Help Pollinators Thrive

Without pollinators the human race would not survive. Pollinators are critical for producing more than one-third of our food products.