Wes Hanson Offers Sage Advice: Just Do It

If he has any regrets, Wes Hanson doesn’t seem to focus on them. He has lived his life following one simple directive: just do it.

Wild in the North: Kootenai NWR

One of the most special places for bird and wildlife watching in the panhandle is the Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge

Carl Marler Still Testing His Mettle

He’s not a drug store cowboy. He’s the real thing, tending livestock on his 600-acre ranch. His music celebrates the Great Northern Plains.

Paulette Jordan: A Proven Leader

Paulette Jordan is quiet about future plans but you can bet thoughts and ideas are underway. She’s a leader. You can bet she’ll be involved.

Resurrecting the Historical Craig Mountain Trail

By HOLLY ENDERSBY — The Idaho Department of Fish & Game has prioritized resurrecting the Craig Mountain Trail. The Montana Conservation Corps begins work this year.

Kootenai Tribe Declared War Against U.S. in 1974

By JACK McNEEL — It’s now been 45 years since “The War.” I still remember it well as do many older residents of northern Idaho and particularly Boundary County. It’s probably a new story for most newcomers and a story that needs retelling.