Steelhead: A Fish for Fanatics

Steelhead anglers cast all day in frigid temperatures to MAYBE catch one fish, thinking it’s worth it, frozen extremities notwithstanding.

Icebuds Mantra: Drop Everything and Skate

Icebuds group prove ice skating is not just for kids anymore. All over the country, adults are discovering the joys of lake skating.

Wolf at the Door: Strategic Adaptations

Prior to the wolf comeback, I’d expected to fill my elk tag each year. Though it still felt like a gift, when expected, it lost its magic.

Last Cast and Purloined Days

I hope there are more purloined days with a rod in my hand before I make that final, inevitable, last cast.

Backyard Birding for Hours of Fun

Using a simple backyard birdblind will provide hours of wonderful birding and probably some awesome photos as well.

Time to Try Tiger Trout

These sterile hybrids of brown and brook trout add another dimension to trout fishing and are a conservation success story.

Making Memories in Taxidermy

Taxidermy makes visible reminders of what every hunter holds dear. Crafting unique animal displays is a hallmark of Dr. Dwight Curtis’s work.