Suzanne Waring

Suzanne Waring—Contributing Writer for the Idaho Senior IndependentA multifaceted interest in Montana people and their communities keeps Suzanne Waring looking for  topics to research in old newspapers and books and people to interview. During the busy times of her first career, Suzanne Waring wrote, “I raise a garden no matter what.”  That statement is still true during her second career as a writer. 


WPA Guide Books

In their heyday, the WPA Guide Books were popular to take on countryside tours. Perhaps it is time to dust them off for touring your state.

Avoid Single-Use Plastic

Plastic microparticles have been found in the Gallatin, the Montana’s pristine river that flows through some of the most beautiful terrain.

Paving the Way with Solar Roadways

Change the world? Why Not? Scott and Julie Brusaw of Sandpoint have big plans — to replace concrete and asphalt with glass solar panels.