Celebrate Sausage Month with Idaho-Made Sausages

Sausage Month

By Kathleen Mulroy

October is Sausage Month. You can celebrate by chowing down on some bangers with a local flair.

Meridian Meat & Sausage

Meridian Meat & Sausage has been in the same location in Meridian since the business was opened in 1959. The physical plant has grown considerably since then, however.

Founders Albert and Trudi Schoop developed a successful business by making hand-crafted sausages with techniques learned in their home country of Switzerland. Their son, Rene took over in the 80s, and now Rene’s son Gavin is on board.

The company still uses many of Albert’s original recipes, especially for the European-style sausages like bratwurst. Meridian also produces chorizo and summer sausages, salami, pepperoni, jerky, beef steak, and Canadian bacon. Spices like coriander, mace, garlic, nutmeg, and white and black peppers are often added, to enhance the flavors of the sausages and other meat products.

Most of the beef is purchased from Idaho ranchers, while the pork often comes from Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Peaks and Plains Medical

Meridian Meat & Sausage’s products can be found in numerous grocery stores, as well as at their own Treasure Valley store. For more information, call (208)888-5588, or check out MM&S’s Facebook page.

U.I. Vandal Brand Meats

Students, faculty, and staff from the University of Idaho’s College of Agricultural Life Sciences/Department of Animal, Veterinary and Food Sciences make the artisanal sausages for Vandal Brand Meats. The line includes the Vandal Smoked Sausage, a cured and fully cooked pork and beef sausage; bratwurst, beef sticks, franks, andouille sausage, and more. To sample something more unusual, one may want to try the Shakin’ Bacon Sausage, which is an all-pork sausage made with bacon, maple flavoring and chipotle peppers. Vandal Meats also offers other meat products.

All sales help to pay for the cost of livestock, supplies, student labor, and facility maintenance.

You can visit Vandal Brand Meats on the University of Idaho Campus. (To order by phone, call (208)855-6727.) Some products are offered at VandalStores in Moscow and Boise. For more information, go to www.uidaho.edu/cals/vandal-brand-meats/order. ISI