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Caring for family members with dementia, Alzheimer’s or memory impairment can feel like a never ending responsibility.  Days and nights of caregiving with no time to unwind can wear family caregivers down, resulting in depression, isolation and declining health.

DayBreak Center, an adult daytime care center for seniors who can’t be left alone, is a wonderful opportunity for families.  We provide a safe, caring, interactive environment for participants, while giving the family caregivers needed personal time.  The benefits to both are many.

A daughter told us her caregiving experience has transformed since discovering DayBreak.  A granddaughter notes her grandmother’s mood shows improvement for days after attending our program.  A wife comments her husband finally smiles when he comes in our door.

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Call us at 208-265-8127 and let us help.  DayBreak Center is open Monday through Thursday, 8:30am to 5:30pm.  We are located at 820 Main St. in Sandpoint, Idaho.  The cost is $10/hour.  Financial help is available through the Area Agency on Aging and the DayBreak Center Family Assistance Fund.

DayBreak Center is a program of the Sandpoint Area Seniors, Inc., a 501c3 organization.  Donations are tax-deductible.  Stop by and check us out!

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