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Tom and Rosemary Ryan on Raising A Down Syndrome Child
When Your Child is 59 ‘going on 70’: Joys of Raising Son with Downs Syndrome - Not only has the couple lived the joy, challenge, and learning curve that accompanies raising a child with downs syndrome, they’ve dedicated their lives to pioneering change in governmental, education, and society.
Wreaths Across America
Photo Courtesy Tamara Earp
Wreaths Across America - December weather cannot chill the fervor volunteers for Wreaths Across America (WAA) feel in honoring deceased veterans during the holiday season.
Living with Moose in Sandpoint, ID
Photo by Cate Huisman
Living with Moose: Adopting a Tulip-Free Lifestyle - When we bought our house in Sandpoint, Idaho in 2002, there were no moose, and there were a lot of tulips. People who lived outside of town had to build fences to protect their gardens, but not us. We had bugs and slugs. That was it. Moose lived out in the woods where moose belonged, and we rarely spotted them. That changed one snowy morning.
Poet Roger Dunsmore
Roger Dunsmore of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho just released a compilation of poems, On the Chinese Wall: New and Selected Poemes (1966-2017). Drumlummon Institute Press, 2018.
The Secret to A Long Life: Roger Dunsmore on Poetry - Forget eating healthy, exercise, and whatever else the doctors say about how to hang on to your youth. I’m here to reveal the real secret to vitality and how to keep your youthful vigor: Poetry. Well, in any case, poetry seems to have worked for Roger Dunsmore, 80, of Coeur d’Alene. He looks like he’s in his 60s. 
Christmas Unwrapped: Ellen Travolta Unwraps Stories from the Past - What Ellen Travolta wanted for the holidays were stories about other people’s toys: one they got, didn’t get, or gave. To get her wish, she put together 14 of stories in her holiday production, “Christmas Unwrapped,” a cabaret-style production hosted by the Coeur d’Alene Resort.
Nine over 90 in Sandpoint, ID
Photo by Jackie McNeel.
Nine Over 90 and More: Sandpoint Calendar Honors Elders - It’s doubtful if any of these senior citizens dreamed of being featured on a calendar, but that’s precisely what happened at the beginning of this year. To make it even more remarkable, the 2018 calendar photos showed local people 90 or older, both women and men, and thus the title “Nine over Ninety and More!”
Gift of prearranging your funeral
© Rob Hainer,
The Everlasting Gift: Pre-Arranging Your Funeral - Pre-arranging your funeral is an everlasting gift for your family. They will know exactly what you want without you having to find the perfect time to bring up such a difficult subject.
Photo Courtesy Space Pilates
Move Slowly and More Mindfully: Pilates Helps People of All Ages - Looking like the upward part of a pushup, the plank position is one of many exercises utilized in Pilates and other low-impact exercise programs gaining favor with audiences of all ages, especially seniors.
ISI/MSN win big at 2018 NAMPA awards
ISI Wins Big at 2018 NAMPA Conference - You may have noticed a new logo addition to our masthead. Our publishers Bob and Janet Hunt returned from the North American Mature Publishers Association (NAMPA) conference in October with 11 — count ‘em, ELEVEN — awards in hand for our two publications (Idaho Senior Independent and sister publication Montana Senior News). Our papers were… Read More »ISI Wins Big at 2018 NAMPA Conference
Snowshoeing in the Wood River Valley
Photo by Dev Khalsa Photography
It’s All Merry and Bright in the Wood River Valley - The Wood River Valley has sunshine — lots of it! Great venues for food and wine — so many to choose from! Super alpine and Nordic skiing, snow shoeing, ice skating, and sleigh rides galore! 
Alzheimer's Warning Signs During the Holidays
Photo Courtesy Montana Alzheimer's Association
Alzheimer’s Warnings Often Show During Holidays - It isn’t surprising that the time when family members are most likely to recognize the first signs of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia in a loved one comes during the holiday season. Family members and friends who have not seen one another for months, or even a year, gather, and the signs of memory loss or behavioral change become obvious.
Thermostat War
© Lopolo,
Prevent Multigenerational Home Thermostat Wars this Winter - Multi-generational households are on the rise with a record one-in-five Americans living in homes shared by multiple adult generations, inevitably leading to various domestic conflicts — including thermostat wars over home temperatures.
A village of lights: Leavenworth, Washington during the Holidays
Photo Courtesy Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce
A Village of Lights: Leavenworth, Washington - It’s been my good fortune to have traveled extensively during my lifetime, and much of that has taken place in the western U.S. from Alaska to Mexico. Some towns hold a special appeal and keep calling me back. Each state has probably two or three towns that hold that appeal. The small town of Leavenworth, Wash., has a particularly strong pull at Christmas.