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Stretch Food Resources
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Ten Ways to Stretch Food Resources - A little goes a long way! Here are a few pointers on how to make the most of the food you have on hand...and how to make it last.
Try Tiger Trout
Photo courtesy Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game
Time to Try Tiger Trout - These sterile hybrids of brown and brook trout add another dimension to trout fishing and are a conservation success story.
For the Birds: Harney County Bird Festival
Photo by Shannon Fritts.
For the Birds: Harney County Migratory Bird Festival - Harney Basin is designated as one of the three most important areas in the West for birds to stop, rest, and feed before continuing on North.
Wallace Idaho
Photo by Jack McNeel
Center of the Universe: Wallace, Idaho - If scientists could not prove Wallace, Idaho is NOT the center of the universe, then the absence of such proof confirms that it is.
Pittsburgh Reborn
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Reborn Pittsburgh for Your Bucket List - Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the coal industry, Pittsburgh is a shining example of what a modern metropolis can and should be.
Knives Out movie review
Movie Review: Knives Out - Legendary actor Christopher Plummer plays an 85-year-old mystery novelist who dispenses with his vast fortune in a most intriguing manner.
Coeur d'Alene Ironman
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Local athletes look back—and forward—on Coeur d’Alene Ironman - Walter Fairfax volunteered in the medical tent for the Coeur d’Alene Ironman. “I remember thinking, ‘you’d have to be crazy to do that.’”
Seniors in Pain: Fallout from the Opioid Crisis Part 2 - Seniors share personal experiences of how they pay the price in pain for the crackdown on prescription narcotics.
Earth Day 50 Years
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Earth Day Celebrates 50 Years - Earth Day is one of the largest secular observances in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people around the world.
Mother's Day History
A Short History of Mother’s Day - This year, Mother’s Day occurs on Sunday, May 10. Here's a little history on Mother's Day tradition in the United States.
Train Maestro Marcus Kelly
Photo by Dianna Troyer
Marcus Kelly: Model Train Maestro - For Marcus Kelly, hearing rumbling and chugging trains whisks him back to his childhood home in southeastern Idaho.
Photo by Suzanne Waring
Planting Our Favorite Annual: Petunias - Here are just a few pointers for making your favorite annuals, petunias, thicker and healthier all summer long.
Knit Sew Quilt
Knit, Sew, Quilt: Boise Woman Pushes Through Pain to Help Others - At 73, Lana Levy is pushing through the debilitating pain of rheumatoid arthritis by helping ease the pain of others
North Idaho CASA
Advocating for Children: North Idaho CASA Program - Ever think about volunteering to help at-risk children? You might want to consider CASA—the only program of its kind in the United States.
Taxidermy Memories
Making Memories in Taxidermy - Taxidermy makes visible reminders of what every hunter holds dear. Crafting unique animal displays is a hallmark of Dr. Dwight Curtis’s work.
Solar Roadways
Photo courtesy of Solar Roadways®
Paving the Way with Solar Roadways - Change the world? Why Not? Scott and Julie Brusaw of Sandpoint have big plans — to replace concrete and asphalt with glass solar panels.
Reflections: To Thine Own Self Be True
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Reflections: To Thine Own Self be True While Coping with Social Isolation - Shakespeare's famous line comes to mind as I consider coping with social isolation & restrictions imposed by the current health challenge.
Protect Elderly Parents
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Protect Elderly Parents During Pandemic - Public health officials and the CDC have recommendations to protect elderly parents while they wait for the pandemic to pass.
Managing Mental Health During COVID-19
© Milkos, Bigstock.com
Managing Mental Health Impacts of the Covid-19 Crisis - The Coronavirus is worrysome, particularly for the elderly. But we should focus on managing anxieties resulting from fear of the virus.
Wood Rat
© CreativeNaturePhotography, Bigstock.com.
It’s a Wood Rat — Git It! Git It! Git It! - I lurched up in my sleeping bag and saw a fur ball go flying under my cot.“It’s a wood rat!” I yelled as I grabbed my headlamp. 
Bridges of Lane County, Oregon
Photo by Jackie McNeel.
The Bridges of Lane County: They Go Great with Local Wine! - When paired with the region’s wineries, the historical bridges near Eugene, Ore., make for a fabulously unique vacation.
March is Whale Watching Time
© MikeLaptev, Bigstock.com
March is Whale Watching Time - Oregon's peak spring whale watching time for gray whale migration is March 21-29, when thousands of whales swim by with their young.
Dance in Bali
© WitthayaP, Bigstock.com.
Bucket List: Studying Dance in Bali - Last winter, I flew to Bali, Indonesia, to take Balinese dance and participate in one of the world’s most popular ecstatic dance events.
Rerooted: Hope in History
Hope in History: Rerooted from Idaho Home Inspiration - Rerooted by Jackie Henrion is part historical fiction, part poetry, part personal narrative, and part didactic.
Elder Mediation
© ilixe48, Bigstock.com.
Setting Families Up for Success with Eldercare Mediation - An Eldercare Mediator can act as an objective third party to help resolve conflicts during an elder family member's health crisis.
Sue Gervais Weaves
Photo by Cate Huisman
Sue Gervais Weaves a Life - By CATE HUISMAN Sue Gervais hasn’t always been a weaver, but fabric has long been the focus of her interest and talent. As a child, she went with her mother to select cloth for the clothes her mother would make her. Later she studied design at Seattle Community College and worked making patterns for ski… Read More »Sue Gervais Weaves a Life
Snow Plow Drivers
Photo by Dianna Troyer
Humor Helps Drift-Busting Snowplow Drivers - February is the favorite month for snowplow drivers of Minidoka County. “That’s when we start our countdown to the end of winter.”
Photos by Dianna Troyer
Almo Valentines for the Long Haul - Humor, mutual respect, similar interests, and a strong work ethic keep these two Almo, Idaho couples together for more than a half century.
Quotations that inspire
Photo by Gail Jokerst
Quotations That Speak To Me and For Me - You can know people by the quotations that crop up in their conversation. Those phrases provide clear insight into character.
Wood Stove Chicken Recipe
© Magrig, Bigstockphoto.com
Wood Stove Honey Mustard Chicken - A friend introduced me to a curry-scented chicken dish that has justifiably earned its place as one of my favorite go-to dinners.
Phil Crist Saw Doctor
Photo by Raymond Lombardi
Phil Crist Teaching Old Saws New Tricks - Whom do you call when a tree has fallen across a wilderness trail, and your crosscut blade is dull? Phil Crist, of course!
What About Lying
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What About Lying? - The attempt toward truth must not be forsaken. We need to renew our vows to speak and evaluate for truth, and it all begins with you—and me.
Dr. Jane Bennet Munro
Photo courtesy Dr. Jane Bennett Munro.
Pathologist Dr. Jane Bennett Munro Writes About Murder - Dr. Jane Bennet Munro's extensive experience as a pathologist gives the stories in her books a ring of authenticity
© pollinator.org.
Let’s Help Pollinators Thrive - Without pollinators the human race would not survive. Pollinators are critical for producing more than one-third of our food products.
February is Pet Dental Health Month
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February is National Pet Dental Health Month - Poor pet dental health not only damages teeth and gums, it can affect internal organs, like the heart, kidney, and liver.
Seniors in Pain: Fallout from the Opioid Crisis
© shull314, Bigstock.com
Seniors in Pain: Fallout from the Opioid Crisis Part 1 - Seniors and veterans are suffering the unintended consequences of laws meant to combat abuse of prescription narcotics.