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    Photo of Irish soda bread sitting on a wood board with a scattering of black currents
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    Delight Guests with Colcannon, Soda Bread, and an Irish Ditty - Irish soda bread is a traditional dish worth mentioning. It’s so simple, and nothing beats it toasted with lots of butter. 
    Senior woman getting acupuncture, to represent how acupuncture treatments help with pain
    © Vtupinamba, Bigstock.com.
    Ease Pain with Acupuncture Treatments — Medicare Covers at Least 12 Sessions - Acupuncture treatments can be very effective in easing pain. Medicare covers at least 12 sessions in 90 days for those with chronic lower back pain.
    Photo of a senior woman practicing her balance, representing the importance of staying balanced as we age.
    © AndreyPopov, Bigstock.com
    Stay Balanced as You Age - It's important to stay balanced! As we age, our balance declines if we don't practice, which can lead to falls that often result in broken bones.
    Photograph of a post-it reading "A. B. C. Understanding the Deductible, a concept for understqnding tax breaks for caregivers
    © VelourRouge, Bigstock.com
    Tax Breaks for Caregivers of Elderly Parents - Adult children who help look after their aging parents or other relatives can take advantage of several tax breaks for caregivers.
    Photo of professional senior woman at work. Seniors are often facing age bias in the workplace
    © Insta Photos, Bigstock.com.
    50+ and Looking for Extra Income? Combat Age Bias in the Workplace - Job-hunting has morphed into the new senior hobby. But to combat age bias in the workplace, senior job applicants need a different angle to make an impression.
    Illustration of two senior lovebirds reaching out toward each other through their smartphones. Conceptual for dating apps.
    © Eugenia Ard, Bigstock.com
    Looking for Love? There’s a Dating App for That! - Some people meet the love of their life through happenstance or mutual acquaintances. For the rest of us, there’s a dating app.
    Photo of a clear cup of tea next to ginger root
    Ginger Improves Memory, Reduces Pain - Ginger has may therapeutic compounds that have incredible medicinal benefits, providing a natural approach to many ailments.
    Photo of a cherry pie
    © New Africa, Bigstock.com
    Celebrate Pie Month in Idaho - February is Great American Pie Month. Here's a tasty slice of pie history and some tasty pies to be found around Idaho
    Photo of a sleep apnea monitor
    Photo by eXciteOSA.com.
    Hidden Dangers of Sleep Apnea - Loud snorers regularly waking themselves from sleep should test for sleep apnea, a dangerous disorder affecting over 22 million Americans.
    Photo depicting concept of heart health
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    Tips For Healthier Living with Heart Disease - If you have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease, don't despair. You can take charge of your situation with these tips.
    Bob Hunt, Publisher Idaho Senior Independent
    Community and the Demise of the $5 Footlong - What used to be a $5 footlong now costs more. How can we not only tighten our belts, but also hold up our community? 
    Senior citizen collecting water samples from a river
    © Goodluz, Bigstock.com
    Have Outdoor Skills? Citizen Science Awaits! - Retirees volunteering as citizen scientists help researchers with the specific data needed to make positive changes in our world.
    Icing Smiles Cake
    Icing Smiles Volunteers Bake for Sick Children and Their Families - Icing Smiles volunteer bakers provide sweet relief to ailing children and their families, even if only temporarily.
    Closely cropped photo of a man pushing a senior woman in a wheelchair
    © Sasirin Pamai, Bigstock.com
    When a Caregiver Dies - A little forethought for those left behind when a caretaker dies can ease much of the suffering left by the consequences of their passing.