Guest Editorial: Protecting Your Lands for the Future

by ERIC GRACE, Kaniksu Land Trust Executive Director

Land Trusts provide conservation options to landowners who want their land to remain undeveloped for future generations. We also provide opportunities to enrich the health, happiness and quality of life for all.

If you own land that you would like to see remain protected into the future, you might consider working with a land trust.

Did you know that many estate planning tools used to protect wealth can be used to protect your property? Charitable remainder trusts, life insurance, and testamentary trusts are just a few options. If you own land, these tools can also be used to protect that land forever, while providing significant estate tax-savings.

In north Idaho, the Kaniksu Land Trust has successfully protected over 3,000 acres. We also work with the medical community, schools, and other groups on education and health programs. We believe a vibrant and healthy community is determined by the appreciation and love of our environment.

The Kaniksu Land Trust is not alone. There are 19 land trusts that operate in Idaho. For more information, see the advertisement on this page. If you do not live in north Idaho, contact the Idaho Coalition of Land Trusts ( to find a land trust that works in your area.