October November 2020 Issue

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Pappy Boyington
Photo courtesy of The National WWII Museum.
Pappy Boyington: Hollywood’s Black Sheep, Idaho’s WWII Hero - Pappy Boyington was just 6 years old when he took his first flight with pilot Clyde Pangborn. It set the course for Pappy's illustrious life.
Lesson in Humility
Hunting in the Arctic: A Lesson in Humility - The Arctic cuts a hunter down to size in a hurry. Hunters who have traveled the treeless arctic will understand this lesson in humility.
Bucket List Itinerary
Senior Wire
Places I’d Like to Visit but Never Will My Bucket List Itinerary - As a travel journalist, I am dreaming about trips to places want to see — some real, others not — that are high on my bucket list itinerary.
Marvel's Spiderman
© Willrow Hood, Bigstock.com
Spider-Man: The Prodigious Power of Peter Parker - Stan Lee introduced Spider-Man to the world, a character supposedly inspired by a spider crawling up a wall and a favorite comic book.
Old Man Stick
Old Man Stick for Keeping Balance - Over my years of Aikido training, I have grown to feel my jo — my old man stick — as an extension of my body.
Native Plant Nursery
Native Nursery Helps Restore Damaged Habitat, Urban Yards Thrive - The season of seed-gathering is in full swing for Jim Crawford and Margo Conitz, who pluck, sort, and clean countless native plant seeds.
Wendy Matson Boise Musician
Musician Wendy Matson Elevates Craft During Pandemic - By KEN LEVY What happens when a senior musician suddenly loses all her gigs to a pandemic. If you’re Wendy Matson, you write a song about it. Matson, who turned 70 in June, was playing solo concerts to seniors in Boise-area nursing homes when Covid-19 began to run rampant. She was playing four gigs a… Read More »Musician Wendy Matson Elevates Craft During Pandemic
Home Canning
Canning — On the Ball? Do You Kerr? It’s All Straight from the Jarden - Remember the shelves of canning jars at your grandparents’ house? Or maybe you keep canning jars to process and preserve food of your own.
Sausage Month
Celebrate Sausage Month with Idaho-Made Sausages - By Kathleen Mulroy October is Sausage Month. You can celebrate by chowing down on some bangers with a local flair. Meridian Meat & Sausage Meridian Meat & Sausage has been in the same location in Meridian since the business was opened in 1959. The physical plant has grown considerably since then, however. Founders Albert and… Read More »Celebrate Sausage Month with Idaho-Made Sausages
Lost River History
Lost River Valley History FB Page Makes Pandemic Connections - Facebook group surges to 1,485 as central Idahoans holed up during the pandemic want to connect, sharing Lost River Valley history.
Pink House Gallery
Little Pink House Gallery Idaho Artist Entrepreneur Grows Something Lovely Out of Loss - By Carrie Scozzaro Farming, community, family. That’s the motto for Genesee, Idaho, halfway between Moscow and Lewiston, to the south in mostly rural Latah County. Like many surrounding towns on the Palouse, an expanse of farmland known for its wheat and legumes, Genesee is a throwback. A handful of businesses, a senior citizen center, American… Read More »Little Pink House Gallery Idaho Artist Entrepreneur Grows Something Lovely Out of Loss