Last Cast and Purloined Days

I hope there are more purloined days with a rod in my hand before I make that final, inevitable, last cast.

Let It Be: Heads up from The Beatles

“Let It Be” offered a “heads up” message for Beatles fans worldwide: The group is breaking up, and nothing can stop its eventual demise.

Book Review: Idaho, by Emily Ruskovich

“Idaho” by Emily Ruskovich is a haunting story rooted in a terrible tragedy, which dramatically changes the course of several lives.

Silent Symphony of the Heart

These youth are the future. They’ll carry the torch forward with their silent symphony. I do my best to make sure the light shines bright.

Greg Gresham: Accidental Metal Artist

Greg Gresham is always on the lookout for old tools to incorporate into his sculptures, and friends help him find these treasures.