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    illustration of a padlock for an article about boosting online security.
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    A Former Hacker’s Guide to Boost Your Online Security - A man who once ran a website that prosecutors called the Amazon of stolen identity information offers his tips on the best ways boost your online security.
    Scene from Alfred Hitchcock's movie, The BIrds
    Public Domain
    When Hitchcock’s The Birds Became Real - Alfred Hitchcock once said, “The Birds could be the most terrifying motion picture I have ever made.”
    Card that reads "Power of Attorney" for an article about planning ahead for a durable power of attorney
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    Possible Guardianship or Conservatorship in Your Future? Plan Ahead with A Durable Power of Attorney - Seeking guardianship or conservatorship for who can't tend to their own needs? It's a long process. Plan ahead with a durable power of attorney.
    A-Z Activity Cards Helping Heart-to-Heart Conversations
    Photo courtesy Barbara Zuck/A-ZActivityCards.com
    A-Z Activity Cards Helping Heart-to-Heart Conversations - Music therapist Barbara Zuck created A-Z Activity Cards to help enrich communication for elderly residents in a variety of care situations.
    fashion interlude with Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe Fashion Interlude - For a brief moment, I savored the notion that anything about me could have inhabited the same stratosphere as Marilyn Monroe.
    golf ball rolling into a clown mouth at a putt putt mini golf course
    Addicted to Golf: Putt-Putt Memories - Putt-putt is a game for all: short, tall, big, or small. It requires no feats of strength, no limbering up beforehand, and you can play with a drink in hand.
    Turtle getting sun at Idaho wetlands
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    Marsh Madness: Grab the Binocs and Head to Idaho Wetlands - April and May are terrific months to visit wetlands, which host native and migratory birds, resident mammals, insects, amphibians, and reptiles.
    Heroes and Horses: A Healing Combination for Veterans Veteran on horseback, rounding up horses
    Heroes and Horses: A Healing Combination for Veterans - Heroes and Horses is changing the lives of veterans through hard work, new skills, wholesome eating, mediation, reflection, and the healing power of horses. 
    LeNell Griffin of Rupert, Idaho, playing piano.
    Piano teacher LeNell Griffin teaches a lifelong love for music - LeNell Griffin is the kind of person who keeps a promise. She recalls how an epiphany struck in junior high school as she watched a pianist perform. 
    Red bat,, yellow ball and glove, and gray baseball hat with the Idaho Senior Softball Association logo on it.
    Boise Senior Softball Booming - “After starting a 50+ league, we opened a 65+ league, and last year a 70+ league," says Randy Mansell, President of the Boise Senior Softball Association.  
    Lavender lovers Chris and Carla Ketchum
    Scent-Sational Retirement Plans for Lavender Lovers - With retirement pending, three Idaho couples — all lavender lovers — started lavender farms, growing hardy shrubs prized for their culinary and medicinal uses.
    Photo of Bob Hunt, publisher of the Idaho Senior Independent
    Publisher Letter: Switchbacks - A switchback can be a good metaphor for life—you struggle on the uphill climb with all its precarious turns, but eventually you hit smooth coasting headed home.