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Golf course

Summer Golf

If there is ever a time when a golf addict is at his or her best, or maybe worst, it’s during summer months!

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Catch and Release

Catch and Release Fishing Conundrum

Frigid water swirls around my wader-clad thighs as I tentatively step from one slick rock to the next. Carefully dropping an elk hair caddis into the swift current I almost lose my balance as a fat, 12-inch native rainbow slashes the fly.

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Something Fishy

Something Fishy’s Going On!

Rescuing fish is no easy task, and plenty of volunteers are needed. A seine net is used to gather the fish into a large group. Then volunteers carefully net them, put them into 5-gallon buckets fitted with bubblers to provide oxygen, and then transfer the fish to a 300-gallon holding tank on a truck.

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