Book Review: Flight to Forever, by Debbie Burke

Book Review: Flight to Forever, by Debbie Burke


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From a Montana senior care facility to the peak of Forever Mountain, Debbie Burke quickly rachets up the story’s pace and intensity in her new thriller, Flight to Forever (Media Management LLC, 2021). This is the sixth in Burke’s Tawny Lindholm Thrillers with a Heart series, and it’s a great addition, with the author taking her readers to new heights of excitement (pun intended!).

In Flight to Forever, Burke’s main characters in the series, high-powered attorney Tillman Rosenbaum and his savvy assistant Tawny Lindholm, are now married. When Tawny’s best friend’s elderly father “kidnaps” his beloved wife from a memory care unit locked down by Covid-19—inadvertently injuring two people in the process—then disappears with his wife, Tawny steps in to help her friend find her parents.

Tawny’s new husband is away, trying to deal with his teenage son’s life-threatening accident, so Tawny is mostly on her own with this case.

She’ll have to use her all of her street smarts and sharp intelligence to figure out where the canny and experienced wilderness expert Lou has hidden his wife, Cameo. With a rapidly approaching major storm, the police hunt for Lou, and the old couple’s serious illnesses, Tawny doesn’t have much time to solve the puzzle.

As the Montana mountain skies darken, will Tawny or the police track down Lou and Cameo first? How will Lou’s mantra “no retreat, no surrender” play out? Is Tawny and Tillman’s new marriage going to be strengthened or weakened by this case? And can Tillman’s son make it through his increasingly fraught medical ordeal?

Burke skillfully builds up suspense with each successive page. I found myself deeply engaged in the story and with the characters. In fact, I spent a nearly sleepless night because I simply had to finish the book. It’s that good.

If you’re a fan of the thriller genre, Burke’s Flight to Forever is a sure bet for your reading enjoyment. (You can purchase the book on, or—as Burke suggests—support your local independent bookstore by ordering a copy.) MSN

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