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    Photo of a hand holding a tree branch, getting ready for pruning. Waking the orchard
    Waking the Orchard - As sunlight returns for longer days, it’s time to start waking the orchard, preparing for blossoms, fruit set, pests, and dreams of harvest. 
    Firebox for keeping important documents
    Documents, Documents, Where Are the Documents? - Having important documents secure, yet easy to find and use when needed, is a challenge for many older folks, but with a little work, it can be accomplished. 
    Statue of Sakajawea, to celebrate the history of Idaho women
    Idaho Women: Celebrating Women’s History Month - The Gem State has produced many strong, intelligent, active, and interesting women. Here are three Idaho women who made a difference.
    Snowshoe hare, which is plentiful around Idaho for winter small game hunting
    © Scandamerican, Bigstock.com
    Stay Sharp with Winter Small Game Hunting - Winter small game hunting is a great way to keep your outdoor skills sharp and the stew pot full. It’s also a great way to mentor new hunters, young and old. 
    image of a heart shape and stethoscope on an ekg reading for an article about winter heart attack risks.
    © Sasirin Pamai, Bigstock.com.
    Winter Heart Attack Risks - Winter heart attack risks are higher than other times of the year, especially if you already have heart disease or have suffered a previous heart attack.
    images from an old vinegar valentines card
    Vinegar Valentines: Sour — Not Sweet — Nothings - Some pranksters used to enjoy mailing vinegar valentines, which involved gentle teasing—a little joke here, a little poke there—meant to produce a smile.
    Image of two heart-shaped balloons floating int the sky with clouds, for an article about matchmakers
    Photo courtesy Autumns Goddess, Pixaby.com.
    Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match - A matchmaker, unlike a dating app, works with a small group of people at any given time, taking the time to get to know each person.
    photo of shrimp for a heart-healthy keto diet
    © lblinova, stock.Adobe.com.
    Enjoy These 5 Heart-Healthy Keto Foods - Keto programs have Americans looking at healthy food consumption in a whole new light. But how heart-healthy are they? Here are some heart-healthy keto foods.
    Susan Wilson with her sled dog: Wilson enjoys dog sledding
    Tails of the Trail : Susan Wilson’s Dog Sledding Adventures - Susan Wilson finds dog sledding suspenseful. It can be magical and maddening, fulfilling and frustrating, whether she is training or competing in a race.