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A Rock-Solid Idea

By the beginning of the next year, though, there’s little doubt that you would have become aware of, if not his name, his quirky creation…

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Moonshiners Skullcracker Skullduggery

Skullcracker Skullduggery

It’s the stealthy, homemade nighttime creation of raw, clear, unaged, distilled whiskey which can rise to 190 proof. It can be distilled from rye, wheat, berries, plums, potatoes, apples, peaches, carrots and more, but the king of moonshine is corn.

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Initials on the desk

The Initials on the Desk

On top of this desk are initials and names carved into the wood, and as I gazed at them, I thought about who these people were and speculated what their lives must’ve been like…

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