February March 2019 Issue

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Red Hot Momas, Couer d'Alene, ID
Red Hot Mamas - Flaunting flamboyant outfits and radiant smiles, the Red Hot Mamas pack a whole lotta love in their comically choreographed dance routines.
Old Cataldo Mission
Photo by Jack McNeel
Sacred Encounters: The Cataldo Mission - By JACK MCNEEL The Sacred Heart Mission at Cataldo is the oldest standing building in Idaho. It may be stretching the definition of “museum,” but the Mission is certainly historic, and adjacent to it is a 9,000-square-foot visitor center where early history is portrayed in a true museum setting. The museum opened in 2011. Ernie… Read More »Sacred Encounters: The Cataldo Mission
Traveling Wildlife Biologist Wayne Melquist
Photo by Jack McNeel
Wayne Melquist: Around the World for Wildlife - It’s been a unique life for this Idaho biologist, combining many interests and exploring nearly every corner of the globe.
Nampa Clinic Family Medical Residency
Photo by Mary Anne Reuter
Nampa Clinic: Family Medicine Residency of Idaho Opens - Three years in the making, a new Nampa medical clinic is open for business, serving the community with quality, affordable care.
Walk to End Alzheimer's
Lessons from Inside Alzheimer’s - Alzheimer’s manifests itself differently in every person. The disease gives us important opportunities to rise to be our best selves.
Chemo Creations
Photo courtesy Louis Randall
Chemo Creations - "In my chemo-induced stupor, I started knitting with no idea of what I was going to make. I let my imagination run and create."
Gary Lane floating a dory for his company Wapiti River Guides
Photo courtesy Wapiti River Guides
A Life on Wild Waters - By HOLLY ENDERSBY “Once you’re a hard boater, it’s hard to go back to pushing rubber,” said whitewater guide Gary Lane about his fondness for wooden dories. In the central Idaho recreation town of Riggins, where most whitewater trips are taken on rubber rafts, Lane stands out with his gleaming wooden dory as it gracefully… Read More »A Life on Wild Waters
Watching wildlife at South Padre Island, TX
© UrbanLight, Bigstock.com
South Padre Island for the Birds….and Fish…..and Fun - Wintertime in the Intermountain West is a good time to head to the South Texas Coast for great birding and challenging fishing.
antler hunting
Photo by Jenny Blalock
Tag-Team Antler Hunting - While April is prime time for elk antler hunting, late winter can be a good time to look for whitetail and mule deer sheds as well.
Setting Goals for Hospice — For Living Fully
© Style Photographs, Bigstock.com
Setting Hospice Goals for Living Fully - Setting hospice goals for comprehensive, high-quality care enables patients and families to focus on living as fully as possible.
burden of caregiving
© Amy Pyang, Bigstock.com
Lessen the Burden of Caregiving - Although a noble job, caregiving is a lot of work. Ease the burden and make sure your health own isn’t compromised.
Delia Owens, author of Where the Crawdad Sings
Where the Crawdad Sings - Delia Owens of North Idaho wrote her first novel in her 60s.“It was liike starting a second career on the 99-yard line.”
Senior Immunizqtions
© Yacobchuk, Bigstock.com
More than A Flu Shot: Senior Immunizations - the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends as many as 11 vaccines for adults, depending on their age and health condition.
Basket Case
The Basket Case - Baskets, baskets, and more baskets! Sharon Gunter, a well-known fiber artist in Sandpoint, Idaho, loves her favorite craft so much.
Steelhead scraps: winter fishing has shut down the industry
© Ninnikpo, Bigstock.com
Fighting Over Scraps - An emergency closure of the winter steelhead season has left businesses in the lurch. Without fish, half the economic base has vanished.