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Idaho Senior Independent - Aging Wisely
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Aging Wisely — Words to Live by - Here’s a list for aging wisely, which has been circulating around the interwebs. We think it is relevant, and inspirational, for our senior readership. We hope you enjoy these words of wisdom.   It’s time to use the money you have saved. Spend it and enjoy it. Don’t just keep it for those who may… Read More »Aging Wisely — Words to Live by
Idaho Senior Independent — Bucket-List Fish
Photo courtesy Hells Canyon Sport Fishing
Time to Catch Bucket-List Fish! - By HOLLY ENDERSBY — Ready for your bucket-list fish? If latching onto a 10-foot, 400-pound sturgeon is your idea of fun, head to Hells Canyon on the Snake River.
Idaho Senior Independent — Yellowstone Hot Springs
Photo courtesy Yellowstone Hot Springs
Yellowstone Hot Spring Creates a Splash - By KATHLEEN MULROY — If you’re a fan of natural hot spring pools, and you’re visiting Yellowstone Nat'l Park, you might want to try visit Yellowstone Hot Springs.
Idaho Senior Independent
Have a Heart: Check Your Blood Pressure - By MARY ANN REUTER The only way to know if you have high blood pressure, also called hypertension, is to have your blood pressure tested. Understanding the results is key to controlling high blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA). Your blood pressure is recorded as two numbers. Systolic blood pressure (the… Read More »Have a Heart: Check Your Blood Pressure
Idaho Senior Independent — Having A Blast
Photo courtesy of Milan Prokes IPM Universal Publishing.
Having a blast: Firefighters behind the July 4 Fireworks - By DIANNA TROYER — Imagine planning an elaborate celebration for months, only to see it literally go up in smoke in a half hour. Firefighters are having a blast.
Idaho Senior Independent — St. Gertrude Monastery's Artist in Residency Program
Photo by Carrie Scozzaro
Welcome to Create at the Monastery of St. Gertrude - By CARRIE SCOZZARO — No fees to apply or participate in the Monastery of St. Gertrude’s unique, month-long Artist Residency Program.
Idaho Senior Independent — Resurrecting The Historical Craig Mountain Trail
Resurrecting the Historical Craig Mountain Trail - By HOLLY ENDERSBY — The Idaho Department of Fish & Game has prioritized resurrecting the Craig Mountain Trail. The Montana Conservation Corps begins work this year.
Montana Senior News — Kootenai Tribe Declared War
Photo by Jack McNeel
Kootenai Tribe Declared War Against U.S. in 1974 - By JACK McNEEL — It’s now been 45 years since “The War.” I still remember it well as do many older residents of northern Idaho and particularly Boundary County. It’s probably a new story for most newcomers and a story that needs retelling.
Idaho Senior Independent — Stephen Small Salmon
Photo by Jack McNeel
Stephen Small Salmon: Dancer, Actor, Elder of Note - By JACK McNEEL — A tribal member from the Flathead Reservation, Stephen Small Salmon works hard to keep his culture and native language alive.
Idaho Senior Independent — Artisan Ice Cream in Idaho and Montana
Sweet Dreams of Artisan Ice Cream - By KATHLEEN MULROY — Is it possible to find delicious, artisan ice cream in Idaho and Montana? Of course; you just have to know where to look.
Idaho Senior Independent — Casino Wisdom
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Casino Wisdom: Little Life Truths I Learned from Gamblers - By AARON PARRETT — Most nuggets of casino wisdom came from folks older than I. A few have gone on to their heavenly reward, which I hope is the ultimate jackpot.
Idaho Senior Independent – Wild About Wildflowers
Photo courtesy Sharron Akers and Sharon Huff
Wild About Wildflowers - Photographing wildflowers offered countless unforgettable moments for 83-year old friends, Sharron Larter Akers and Sharon Phillips Huff.
Idaho Senior Independent — Feline Friend
Photo by Dianna Troyer
Out of the Wood Pile: An Old Feline Friend Returns - By DIANNA TROYER — A telepathic pet communicator mentioned my old feline friend out of the blue: “Oh, by the way, Spock wants me to tell you he’s coming back.”