June July 2024 Issue

    ISI 202 June July 2024

    Articles Found in This Issue

    Child in a garden My Memory Garden - This chore, especially throwing photos away such as weddings or fantastic trips, is emotionally draining and, after an hour, I give myself a break.
    Shelley Beal A Small Town with a Big Heart Creates a Blooming Mural - Ablaze with a rainbow of colors, a long flowerbed at the entrance to Moore, Idaho is so enchanting that motorists on Highway 93 in the Lost River Valley often stop to take photos.
    Statue of Liberty How Much Do You Know About July 4th? - Our upstart Congress adopted their Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.
    Amtrak breakfast Savor the Journey on Amtrak - There are many reasons travelers choose train travel over other modes of transportation—and there are many reasons why they don’t.
    Questioning woman What’s In a Name? - The Old Bard asked a fascinating question, especially when you consider some of the names of food specialties, towns, pubs, etc. that you run into when visiting England.
    Grieving woman Dear Sarah: Grieving and Confused - “My mom wasn’t a great parent, and now that she [has] died, my grief is confusing.”
    Golf course Summer Golf - If there is ever a time when a golf addict is at his or her best, or maybe worst, it’s during summer months!
    Typing on computer How to Find More Reliable Health Information Online - How can I tell if the health info on a website is trustworthy?
    Spudman althletes. Spudman is Among Nation’s Oldest Triathlons - Reflecting on his nearly four decades of competing in one of the nation’s most popular Olympic-distance triathlons—the Spudman in southeastern Idaho—Randy Stone questions his sanity.