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    yellow and white illustration spelling PAD, for Perpheral Artery Disease
    © Dizainstock,
    Peripheral Artery Disease: Leg Pains Could be an Early Sign of Heart Attack or Stroke - Peripheral arterial disease (or PAD) is an under-the-radar disease affecting approximately eight to 12 million Americans.
    Image of wolf eyes that appears on the cover of "A Whjte Wolf and the Big Burn of 1910."
    Libby Author Publishes Historic Adventure for Young Readers: A White Wolf and the Big Burn of 1910 - "A White Wolf and the Big Burn of 1910" is a coming-of-age story is a page-turner with plenty of excitement to keep the interest of even reluctant readers.
    Photo of a smiling elder woman sitting on the floor behind an elderly pug dog.
    Pet Sitting: The Right Gig for Seniors? - Eleanor, 72, has a gig pet sitting. She no longer has her own pets, but she loves taking care of others' animals. Her next job takes her to Maui for two weeks.
    photo of Army Surplus wool army pants
    Photo courtesy Sawtooth Outpost, ebay.
    My Hunting Wardrobe: What Ever Happened to $5 Pants? - When I first started hunting, my budget was so tight, it squeaked. The Army Surplus seemed like a good place to start building my hunting wardrobe. 
    photo of an elderly woman doing exercises with a physical therapist
    3 Ways Physical Therapists Can Help Manage Long COVID - Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults who've had COVID-19 experience new or lingering symptoms. Physical therapists can help manage long COVID symptoms.
    Aaron Parrett with his collection of books
    Photo by Nann Parrett
    It’s Not Hoarding if You Have Cool Stuff - "My floor-to-ceiling piles of books and records must make me seem like one of those eccentrics on the TV show Hoarders. But as my daughter likes to point out, 'It isn’t hoarding if you have cool stuff.'” 
    photo of a senior woman at the gym doing pushups with a trainer
    50PlusWire / © Liderina,
    Give Yourself Priority in the New Year - Give yourself priority in 2023, beginning with caring for your health. Exercise is not only beneficial for physical your health, but for your mental health too.
    homemade Christmas tree ornaments: string of popcorn with cranberries
    Christmas Tree Memories: The Homemade Tree - Of all my Christmas tree memories, the most memorable had no lights or bright Christmas balls, but was decorated with homemade objects and covered with shimmering tinsel.
    adaptive clothing: gray hooded sweatshirt with a velcro fastener for the zipper.
    Adaptive Clothing Takes the Stress Out of Dressing - Adaptive clothing incorporates discreet design features to make dressing and undressing easier, while still having the outward appearance of typical clothing.
    illustration of a green recycling symbol with a star and bucket, to look like a Christmas tree
    RESTORE-ing Christmas - Christmas shopping stresses me out. I feel pressure to find the right gift and sometimes resort to just grabbing something to get it over with.
    Bob Hunt, Publisher Idaho Senior Independent
    Publisher Letter: Tell Me a Story - According to a recent News Media Alliance report, 82 percent of news media consumers trust print ads over digital.
    closely cropped photo of a bowl of comfy corn chowder
    © New Africa,
    Comfy Corn Chowder - This comfy corn chowder, though not exactly healthy, is a fun comfort food. Children and adults alike love it.
    closeup photo of an elderly person putting eyedrops in their eye
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    Advances in Glaucoma Treatments - Exciting developments in eye disease research will likely lead to new glaucoma treatments that will make managing the disease increasingly easier and safer.
    Pastor Dan Hendricks regularly visits Dallas Stoller at his home in Paul, Idaho. Photo by Nancy Kunau.
    Dan Hendricks: Improv Minister of Peace and Joy for Seniors - When words fail, Pastor Dan Hendricks counts on music to communicate with seniors when he walks into an assisted living center or hospice situation. 
    Cleve Smith opening a fridge full of home-pressed apple cider
    Photo by Dianna Troyer
    Cleve Smith Stocking Up on Gold - Cleve Smith stores a unique type of gold in glass jars and plastic bottles in his freezer for winter.
    Dr. Georgia Milan listens to a resident of Zanskar in the Himalayas. Photo courtesy Hands On Global.
    Photo courtesy Hands On Global
    Hands On Global: Offering Hope and Healing to Refugees - Hands On Global is the only non-government organization at shelters providing medical care in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.
    Nanette Dupont throwing the curling stone and the October 2022 Helena Bonspiel
    Photo by James Ridel
    Curling: The Latest Craze on Ice - A new craze has folks flocking to the ice in Idaho—curling.
    Mick Hoover of Mackay, Idaho, posing with one of his haunted house props
    Macabre Humor Keeps Crowds Coming to Hoover’s House of Horrors - Mick Hoover's House of Horrors Halloween extravaganza—creepy scenes he designs using extravagant motion-activated and animatronic props—takes months to plan, days to set up, and it frightens visitors only a few hours on Halloween night.