October November 2018 Issue

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Joe Willes of Pocatello, ID
Joe Willes: Retiree with Many Interests - Eighty-seven-year-old Pocatellan Joe Willes is no man to rest on his laurels. He has formally retired twice and still pursues many interests.
Family Support for Alzheimer's
Ruby’s Story - Alzheimer's Association supports families throughout their journey.
Pacifico Reflections: Bull's Eyes
Bull’s Eyes - For years his prowess with a rifle was unchallenged. He never shot anything but a bull’s eye. In fact, some folks said, he was so good he could light a stick match with a single shot from his .22 at a hundred yard. A fellow once said he could even do it blindfolded. No one had ever seen him do it, but everyone believed he could just the same. 
RV Flexibility
RV Travel Provides Complete Flexibility for Today’s Boomers - Baby boomers have redefined each stage of their lives, so it’s no surprise that today they are redefining retirement. No longer seen as a time to simply play shuffleboard, bridge, or bingo, today’s boomers are viewing retirement as a new phase to pursue passions like starting a business, moving near grandchildren, or seeing the world.
Golfing on the Brain
Golfing On the Brain - Playing a round of golf on any one of the many outstanding courses in Montana benefits the brain and body just as much as any of the other outdoor activities. Walking and swinging a club increases blood flow, improving nerve cell connections in your brain, which in turn improves strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination. You burn around 1000 calories per round, a little less if you are using a cart, a little more if you are walking. Also, focusing on that little white ball both near and far improves vision by working the eye muscles.
Michael Chrichton's Dragon Teet
Book Review: Dragon Teeth - Jurassic Park readers and movie fans will enjoy Crichton’s return to paleontology in Dragon Teeth. 
Bruce Anfinson: Ballad of Minnie and Pearl
Music Review: The Ballad of Minnie and Pearl - Bruce Anfinson puts the “treasure” in The Treasure State. Since the 1970s, he has been entertaining people all over the world with his stories and songs of Montana, delivered in his homespun country style.
Late Summer Wines
Late Summer Wines - August and September are filled with scrumptious, ripe vegetables from the garden, the smells of jam made from home-grown fruit, and lazy evenings grilling outside with friends and family.
Homemade Cracker Crust Pizza
Homemade Cracker Crust Pizza - Pizza is often a disappointedly bready affair where the delicious promise of sauce and toppings gets drowned in a doughy sea of blandness. But have you ever had a thin, crispy, cracker crust pizza before? Now that’s a thing of beauty.
Memes Class Explains Creative Ways People Get Snarky Online
College Class on Memes Explains to Seniors Creative Ways People Get “Snarky” Online - Nancy Shutts, 78, first encountered internet memes a couple of years ago when her grandson shared a term paper he wrote for a college class. She couldn’t understand what the big deal was about the silly social media images with text—usually related to current events.
Work is Play: Retirees Land Seasonal Jobs at National Parks
Work is Play - Retirees find joy in seasonal work of the wild kind. The National Park Service relies on retirees to fill seasonal jobs at more than 400 sites across the US.
Idaho Shags: Tough, Loyal, with an Instinct to Herd
Idaho Shags: Tough, Loyal, with An Instinct to Herd - Ranchers swear loyalty to the breed.
Leroy Seth: Nez Perce Leader, Basketball Great, Historian, Dancer
Leroy Seth: Nez Perce Leader, Basketball Great, Historian, Dancer - Some people make a great impression at first meeting. Leroy Seth is one of those people.
Idaho Master Naturalist
Citizen Science: The Idaho Master Naturalist - Phyllis King is anything but leisurely retired: she’s a whirling dervish of energy and volunteerism that would leave most people decades younger exhausted. From her home near Island Park, she uses her Idaho Master Naturalist (IMN) background to engage in volunteer projects for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, The Nature Conservancy, The Henry’s Fork Foundation, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, and the US Forest Service.
Nelson, BC
Head North of the Border to Nelson, British Columbia - The West Kootenays, just north of the Idaho border in British Columbia, provide an enticing playground for visitors. The mountains, lakes, and rivers are the backdrop to outdoor recreation that draws skiers, hikers, paddlers, and mountain bikers. It also draws those who simply want to enjoy a beautiful drive through stunning mountain scenery, coniferous forests, gorgeous wildflowers, and a number of Provincial Parks.
Turning Garage Sale Castoffs into DIY Home Decor
Turning Garage Sale Castoffs into DIY Home Decor - In her refurbished two-story farmhouse, Raegan Ricks suspended a gray, weathered wooden ladder from her kitchen ceiling as an inexpensive drying rack for her homegrown herbs. Her up-cycled, do-it-yourself home décor came from garage sales and thrift stores or was found in sheds on the small farm she and her husband recently bought south of Malta in southeastern Idaho.