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All I Really Need to Know I Learned from My Ducks
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All I Really Need to Know I Learned from My Ducks - I’ve gleaned many helpful tips and truths from watching my pet ducklings. Here is some duck wisdom for you to ponder.
Photo of senior man sitting at a row of slot machines
How to Know When an Older Parent Has a Gambling Problem  - Problem gambling among seniors is on the rise. Studies suggest more than 4 million Americans age 65 and older could have a gambling problem.
closeup of Elvis Presley singing into a microphone
Elvis Presley and Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley made eight attempts to get things right with “Suspicious Minds,” the future classic that would change his latter-day career. 
Photo illustration of a road sign with an exclamation point and text reading, "Funeral Costs" against a blue sky.
Prepaying Your Funeral May Not Be the Best Move - By JIM MILLER (SAVVY SENIOR) Planning your own funeral in advance is definitely a smart move. Not only does it give you time to make a thoughtful decision on the… Read More »Prepaying Your Funeral May Not Be the Best Move
Illustration of a head filled with a thunderstorm and flowers, representing mental health on blue background
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Discussing Your Mental Health Issues With Friends - Having trouble opening up? Here are six suggestions on how to discuss your mental health issues with your friends and relatives.
Idaho’s Delayed Pride Fest Celebration
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Idaho’s Delayed Pride Fest Celebration - The pandemic forced Boise Pride Fest organizers to push back the dates a few months—The 2021 festivities occur Sept. 10-12.
Prostate Cancer Patients Want Access to Female Doctors
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Prostate Cancer Patients Want Access to Female Doctors - Millions of prostate cancer patients want to live longer, happier lives. These men suffer if their doctor choices are limited to just men.
Book Review: Home Waters by John Maclean
Book Review: Home Waters by John Maclean - John Maclean’s latest book, Home Waters, reverently examines the way the river and its environs has threaded through his life and career.
Your Mind on Mushrooms—All Good!
Your Mind on Mushrooms—All Good! - Memory fires flickering? Fear not! Mushrooms may be one of the best natural lines of defense for a healthy brain and clear mind.
illustration of a medical alert button on blue background
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Choose a Medical Alert System - Medical alert systems are effective and affordable tools for keeping one safe and living at home longer. Choosing one can be challenging.
View looking up at someone riding a zipline
Time for the Old Folks on the Zipline! - There are no guidebooks for grandparenting as children age. When they're teens? It's hard to go wrong with a zipline.
Book Review: The Prepper’s Medical Handbook
Book Review: The Prepper’s Medical Handbook - The Prepper's Medical Handbook outlines how to manage survivable medical conditions through long-term care when medical help is unavailable.
Photo of Gisella Woggon, 74,, Boise's activist grandma.
Photo by Ken Levy
“Dangerous” Activist Grandma Relentlessly Fights for Fairness - Gisela Woggon, 74, Boise, is a "dangerous" activist grandma with boots on the ground. “I don’t have the luxury of not speaking up anymore.”
Photo of Bob Hunt, publisher of Montana Senior News, as a child, wearing a party hat.
Letter from the Publisher: Take that Walk - Interesting how a song triggers a memory. Then the memories around that song, that time, all come rushing to the present.
Addicted to Golf: Man, It's Hot Out!
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Addicted to Golf: Man, It’s Hot Out! - There’s an old country song that says “too hot to golf...too cold at home!” I relish each opportunity to golf—some days it’s pretty darn hot. 
Illustration of grandparents traveling with grandchild
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Coming of Age: The Intermittent Grandparent - He's coming of age. I should have known it was coming. What teen wants to spend sleeping hours in close proximity to his grandparents, separated from peers?
Photo of two senior women in an art class
Engage Your Creativity with Art Classes - By KATHLEEN MULROY Can engaging our creativity help us thrive as we age? Ongoing research into the possible benefits of visual arts classes, singing group programs, and theater training for… Read More »Engage Your Creativity with Art Classes
Photo of Nancy Kunau in the Rupert swimming pool with one of her swimming students
Nancy Stoller Kunau Swims — and Sings and Dances — in the Pool - By DIANNA TROYER It’s never too late to learn to swim, insists longtime swim instructor Nancy Stoller Kunau, 59, who teaches aquatic activities in southeastern Idaho.  She has been teaching… Read More »Nancy Stoller Kunau Swims — and Sings and Dances — in the Pool
Photo of a pollinator gardener garden
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Idaho Master Gardeners Making People Grow - Master Gardeners are dedicated volunteers in their communities, acting as official horticultural representatives of county extension offices.
Photo of individuals on a walking tour.
Photo courtesy of Boise City Department of Arts & History
Walking Tours: In Step with Montana and Idaho History - Boise is the place to be for arts and architecture walking tours that will have you rethinking what you know about Idaho’s capital city.
Photo of a sliced ahi tuna steak
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Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks & Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus - By JONATHAN RIMMEL Ah yes, tuna, beef of the sea. Here’s a nice island-inspired dish packed with flavor. Prep time: Approximately 15 minutes Total cooking time: Up to 35 minutes Servings:… Read More »Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks & Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus
photo of senior man playing disc golf
It’s High Flying in the Golden Years: Prime Time for Disc Golf - It's never too late to really get flying! World champ in disc golf, Jon Graff, 73, of Missoula was just getting started in his golden years.