February March 2024 Issue

    ISI 196 February March 2024 Issue

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    Champagne and casino chips
    Bus 96 to Atlantic City - When I finally decided to retire from years of hard work as a floating secretary, becoming a tour bus escort felt like a way to merge those skills with travel.
    People golfing in VR
    Simulated Golf - Starting this year my golf addiction has taken a turn for the worse!
    Cup of tea or coffee.
    What to do When Someone Dies - If you’re present at an expected death, the first thing to do when the person dies, is nothing.
    Barbra Streisand
    The Way We Were: Barbra Streisand - Please, God, let Barbra Streisand sing one of my songs.
    Woman pointing at teeth.
    Easy-to-Use Dental Care Products for Elderly Seniors - Contains affiliate links By Jim Miller, Savvy Senior Dear Savvy Senior, I have arthritis and hand tremors that affect my grip strength and makes brushing my teeth difficult. I’ve read that electric toothbrushes can help make the job easier. Can you make any recommendations for seniors? —Arthritic Alice Dear Alice, For seniors who suffer from… Read More »Easy-to-Use Dental Care Products for Elderly Seniors
    Advice From a Farm Wife - Some straight forward advice from a farm-wife.
    Rose Johnson.
    At Home on a Horse: Rose Johnson - Rose Johnson Devoted Herself to Raising Cattle and Community Volunteerism.
    Ireland: Bog Bodies to Pookas - We discussed where to go and chose a tour of Ireland, which included seeing the beautiful landscape, visiting local pubs, learning about various Irish figures such as St. Patrick, and sampling their native beer, Guinness.
    Bowl of fish chowder
    Shelby’s Cape Cod Fish Chowder - This fish soup is hearty, healthy, fun to make, and absolutely delicious.
    Evea Jackson
    Evea Jackson Learns the “Write” Way to Work with Wood - Searching for a retirement hobby, Evea Jackson uses her yard sale lathe to create pens from wood, cactus, and even deer antlers as gifts for friends and family in southeastern Idaho.
    Senior Woman After Vaccine.
    Respiratory Health Alert For Seniors—What to Know About RSV - You may remember the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That certainly applies to your respiratory health.