June July 2021 Issue

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Photo of senior man blowing a dandelion
© Photosvit, Bigstock.com.
Same Old Stories: Dad Memories During Alzheimer’s - Sitting on my porch the evening before moving into assisted living, Dad stared into the distance, baffled and defeated—he has Alzheimer's.
Illustration of a close-cropped Sean Connery as Dr. No and 007 text
Dr. No: Danger, Dames, Double-O-Seven - Dr. No had signature elements for later Bond movies: distinctive music, high action; alluring women; and vodka martinis—shaken, not stirred.
Photo of Bill Lindburg, volunteer for the Yankee Fork Gold Dredge
Yankee Fork Gold Dredge lures Mackay volunteers linked to its past - by DIANNA TROYER Resembling a plump ark stranded in a mountain pond, the historic Yankee Fork Gold Dredge in central Idaho is among the best-preserved gold dredges in the continental United States and a five-star rated destination on Trip Advisor. Every summer, it not only lures visitors from throughout the nation but also devoted volunteers… Read More »Yankee Fork Gold Dredge lures Mackay volunteers linked to its past
photograph of Idaho musician Gary Edwards
Gary Edwards Speaks A Universal Language - When it comes to music, Gary Edwards has probably done it: teaching, recording, producing, and performing since he was 16.
Arial view of Kathmandu, last stop on an overland journey from London to Kathmandu
© Nick Fox, Bigstock.com
Bucket List: Overland from London to Kathmandu - I didn’t know it, but the trip I was about to embark upon would change my life—a 2-1/2-month overland journey from London to Kathmandu.
Close-up photograph of Carl Erickson's hands using a lathe
Photo by Dianna Troyer
Carl Erickson Lathes Wood with Memories - “That’s what this is all about—making something with wood that will keep memories alive,” says Carl Erickson, 65, of southeastern Idaho.
Photo of a young Valkyrie, the dog who saved her owners after a plane crash
Valkyrie’s Flight: Tail of a Plane Crash Rescuer - If you hear “Flight of the Valkyries,” recall the plane crash rescue dog named after folklore of Valkyries carrying dead heroes to Valhalla.
Letter from the Publisher: Stay Off the Roof
Letter from the Publisher: Stay Off the Roof - Finding out lately that getting on ladders is not for our audience or me. My best advice for you this summer is to stay off the roof.