June July 2023 Issue

    Idaho Senior Independent 192 June July Issue

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    Addicted to golf summer
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    Addicted to Golf: From Dawn Till Dusk - It's perfect; the weather we have all been waiting for! Long summer days are just what the doctor ordered, especially for someone who has an addiction to golf.
    Is Skin Cancer Hereditary?
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    Is Skin Cancer Hereditary? - While long-term sun exposure and sunburns are the biggest risk factors for melanoma—the deadliest form of skin cancer—having a sibling or parent with melanoma does indeed increase your risk of getting it yourself...
    Laws Flaws Contentions Inventions
    © Photo by CABVIUtica, NY.
    Laws with Flaws: Contentions about Inventions with Good Intentions - But what happens when good-heartedness flies in the face of logic, common sense or science? It starts with canes and the laws around them.
    Generation of Tweeners
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    The Generation Known as Tweeners - We’ve been called “the in between generation.” I call us the “tweeners.”
    Trimming Tomatoes with my Grandmother
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    Trimming Tomatoes with my Grandmother - My grandmother’s beautiful garden was a long-awaited a dream come true.
    Rodeo Star Kevin Donahue
    Photo by Bob Bagley.
    Kevin Donahue Celebrates Life with a Father’s Day Rodeo - Recovering at his family ranch in central Idaho from two terminal cancer diagnoses and his leg amputation, Kevin Donahue, 61, rodeo star, said he realized life is short.
    Dementia Quit Driving Alzheimer's
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    When Should Dementia Patients Stop Driving? - Most doctors agree that people with moderate to severe dementia should never get behind the wheel, but in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, driving performance should be the determining factor of when to stop driving, not the disease itself.
    Something Fishy
    Photo by Carmen Northen.
    Something Fishy’s Going On! - Rescuing fish is no easy task, and plenty of volunteers are needed. A seine net is used to gather the fish into a large group. Then volunteers carefully net them, put them into 5-gallon buckets fitted with bubblers to provide oxygen, and then transfer the fish to a 300-gallon holding tank on a truck.
    Idaho stockdog herding
    Stockdogs that Love to Work and the Trainer Who Loves Them - Idaho stockdog trainer Lerrina Collins relishes time with her border collies 350 miles to the southeast on the rolling grasslands near Alzada.
    Photo of Jan Youren, Idaho rodeo hall of famer, putting a saddle on her horse.
    Photo by Ken Levy.
    Life at Six Seconds: Jan Youren of Idaho Reflects on Rodeo Champion Career - Jan Youren, 79, has won five world championships in bareback bronc riding, with 17 reserve championships and 13 reserve championships in bull riding.
    Initials on the desk
    Photo courtesy Lindie Gibson.
    The Initials on the Desk - On top of this desk are initials and names carved into the wood, and as I gazed at them, I thought about who these people were and speculated what their lives must’ve been like...
    Trimming Tomatoes
    © vveronka, Bigstock.com.
    Trimming Tomatoes - My grandmother’s beautiful garden was a long-awaited a dream come true.
    Shelbys Simple Salad
    Shelby’s Simple and Tasty Veggie Salad - Make a simple and delicious pea salad.