October November 2022 Issue

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    woman sitting on horseback in the middle of a river, casting her fly rod
    Laws with Flaws: Scales of Justice — What’s the Catch Fishing on Horseback? - A March, 1919 Idaho state law has flaws that jump out at you like a trout thrashing for dear life against an angler fishing on horseback.
    fishing in rural alaska: photo of a woman holding a caught salmon
    Great Fishing in Rural Alaska with Less Glitz - Fishing in rural Alaska is amazing because the rivers flow free — wonderfully complex with tons of holding pools and miles of beautiful spawning gravel.
    Move poster from the movie Robin Hood
    Silver Screen, Golden Memories: The Adventures of Robin Hood - “The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938) looks as fun and lusty a good time as people could have overthrowing a corrupt monarch while wearing tights, swinging from trees, and eating chunks of meat with their hands.
    Photo of a woman helping a senior woman out of a car, for an article about planning for senior car travel.
    Simplify Car Travel With Older Loved Ones - Planning to take an elder on a vacation involving car travel? Thorough preparation is the key to success, especially for a person with special healthcare needs.
    photo of hunters leading a train of pack horses
    Smells Like Rain: It’s Going to Be Lonely - This year, for the first time since I was young, I don’t have a horse to take me deep into wilderness areas, and that makes me profoundly lonely for all the horses and mules that have enriched my life.
    photo of a golfer walking across a golf course in fall
    Winter Is Coming: Keep Smiling! - I’m going to journal all the golfing fun I had golfing this summer. I’ll log all the people and the great golfers I met while playing tournaments.
    Karie Lee Knoke
    Celebrating Rural Women - The United Nations’ is celebrating rural women on October 15, honoring their commitment, determination, and strength around the world. 
    Joriah's Jam
    Joriah’s Jam — Thanks Mom! - Joriah visited to help pick, peel, and process the free apples from our trees. She returned home with gifts for her family—a dozen jars of “Joriah’s Jam.”
    Harvest Sausage Soup
    Harvest Sausage Soup - This harvest sausage soup is a satisfying meal on a cold evening. It’s easy to make and fun to experiment with.
    Bryan Blatt with Otto, his Westwind Morgan
    Westwind Morgans: Staking a Claim, Preserving a Treasure - There's no other breed out there like the Westwind Morgan. “These horses will never quit on you and can be used day after day," says Morgan breeder Bryan Blatt. 
    Sandhill crane
    World Migratory Bird Day Spotlights Need for Bird Protection - World Migratory Bird Day, observed October this year, is an annual global campaign highlighting the need to conserve migratory birds and their habitats.
    Gus Bryngelson, founder of theWWI Museum
    Gus Bryngelson: Retired Farmer Honoring WWI Soldiers  - Since retiring from farming in the Minidoka area northeast of Rupert, Gus Bryngelson has devoted his time to his military history mission.