August September 2019 Issue

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    Ozzie: Tribute to an Old Dog - "Love lives in an absurd little dog,A barrel held up by toothpicks...." This is a poem about an old dog named Ozzie
    Paulette Jordan
    Photo by Jackie McNeel.
    Paulette Jordan: A Proven Leader - Paulette Jordan is quiet about future plans but you can bet thoughts and ideas are underway. She’s a leader. You can bet she’ll be involved.
    Kidney stones
    © koldunovaaa,
    Don’t let Kidney Stones Ruin Your Summer Fun - Summer is officially here. In addition to being the season for sun and fun, it’s the season for kidney stones.
    Harold Wadley
    Photo by Jackie McNeel
    Harold Wadley: A Higher Level of Horsemanship - Continuing the old traditions, Harold Wadley often wonders who will take it over when he dies as it’s almost a lost art.
    Empty Your Closets
    © Mikele Dray,
    Live Fully: Empty Your Closets - It's time to empty your closets now, according to master organizer Karen E. Fried. The benefits of downsizing earlier in life are numerous,
    Travel to Montana's National Bison Range
    National Bison Range
    Roaming Free on Montana’s National Bison Range - Spring through fall is the easiest time to visit the National Bison Range. It has an amazing variety of animals—without the human hordes.
    Early Alzheimer's Diagnosis
    Image courtesy the Alzheimer's Association
    “Our Stories” for Early Alzheimer’s Diagnosis - New ad campaign encourages families to discuss cognitive problems sooner, to help with early Alzheimer's diagnosis.
    ISI - Mount Boarah Bucket List
    Mount Borah Brings Out Best in Bucket-List Climbers - Would we chicken out at Chicken Out Ridge on Mount Borah, Idaho's tallest peak? With its 1,500-foot drops on either side, we had to find out.
    Magic Valley Humanitarian Center
    Photo by Dianna Troyer
    Magic Valley Humanitarian Center Adding Good to the World - Volunteers receive as much they give at the Rupert's Magic Valley Humanitarian Center, where 170 volunteers log about 2,500 hours a month
    Bobbin Lace
    The Timeless Art of Bobbin Lace - The Appaloosa Lace Guild Preserves the Ancient Craft of bobbin lace, made by braiding and twisting threads into complex patterns.
    Artists Leave Behind Legacies
    Photo by Todd Neel
    Artists Leave Behind Legacy at Spirit Gallery - The work of departed artists Harold Balazs and Rudy and Lela Autio show at the Art Spirit Gallery during the month of August 2019.