Silent Symphony of the Heart

These youth are the future. They’ll carry the torch forward with their silent symphony. I do my best to make sure the light shines bright.

Quotations That Speak To Me and For Me

You can know people by the quotations that crop up in their conversation. Those phrases provide clear insight into character.

The Healing Power of Pie

Remembering Grandma making pies for folks who were ailing or going through a hard time. She baked every pie out of love or compassion.

Chemo Creations

“In my chemo-induced stupor, I started knitting with no idea of what I was going to make. I let my imagination run and create.”

Funerals Are for the Living

We who are left behind and grieving our loss very often need the funeral, the family get-together, the opportunity to grieve, to share our love, and to celebrate the life of this special person whom we will see and share our lives with no more.

A Tale of Two Wolves

The Native American legend Tale of Two Wolves contains a wisdom worth sharing with a wider readership. The point of the message seems has continued to be meaningful to a wide cross-section of people.