Idaho Tribes Making A Comeback — Duck Valley Reservation

The Duck Valley Reservation is home to the Western Shoshone and Northern Paiute Tribes. The reservation is unique in that it splits in half between Idaho and Nevada. The walkway leading to tribal headquarters is on the state line, the 42nd parallel.

Remembering A Part of History Lost Forever

Retired electrician Richard Kossman said he was fortunate to have worked in northern Iraq,  touring  cultural  sites  there  before they  were  destroyed  by  millitants.  In  1990, the Malta, Idaho, native was based in a Syrian border town, Rabia, about 70 miles northwest of Mosul. By DIANA TROYER

Banish Winter Woes with Festivals!

January and February days are dark, and spring seems a long way off. Solution to the deep winter doldrums? Why festivals, of course! By HOLLY ENDERSBY

Frontier Life of Cowboys and Indians Comes Alive in Montrose


As we listen to the hiss of a forge and marvel at a farrier pounding and shaping a red-hot glowing horseshoe, gunfire suddenly erupts from a nearby saloon at Adobe Flats, a re-created historic town near Montrose, Colo.

Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort


Beautiful scenery with an incredible hot pool, unusual yet outstanding restaurant, and clean motel rooms—what more can anyone wish for in a short vacation trip north of the border?